The Kenmore 385 Sewing Machine Reviews

Introduction: A Brief History of the Kenmore 385 Sewing Machine

The Kenmore 385 Sewing Machine Reviews

Kenmore 385, a sewing machine produced by the Kenmore company, was one of the first commercially successful sewing machines designed in 1890. It was sold as a kit for home use and later as a portable, home-based machine for people who did not have their own machine.

This section introduces you to the history of this little sewing machine and shows you how it got so popular at the time when it was introduced on the market.

In Search of Cheap Assorted Sewing Machines

The market for sewing machines is good, but many people have different preferences and thus not the same number of machines. The global market is estimated to be $1.5 trillion by 2020.

So, finding a low-cost sewing machine with decent quality and long life span is crucial. Regardless how big the market is in the future, there will always be a need for cheap sewing machines with good quality and long life span.

It’s important to find some models that are cheap but still reliable because it can save money on maintenance and parts replacements in case of failure or something happens to your machine for example when you need help from a professional, so you might want to consider all kinds of low cost sewing machines from brands such as Brother or any other brand that you like, that you don’t

Kenmore 381.61 Sewing Machine Review – The Best Budget Choice

Sewing machines have a long history. They have been used for centuries by people to make clothes. In 2016, it has grown in popularity, and this trend may continue in the future.

The Kenmore 381.61 sewing machine is a great choice for sewers looking for a low-cost and easy-to-use machine. It comes with embroidery and other features that allow you to use it quickly and efficiently in your projects.

Start Using a Kenmore 385 Sewing Machine in Your Home Today!

About sewing machines:

Kenmore 385 sewing machine is a great machine that can be used to make lots of different things. This is because this machine has many different designs, some of which are not available in the market. So you can buy one and make all different kinds of things with it. This machine is a sewing machine that has a dial for each seam, instead of buttons for them.

More creative people use these kinds of machines to make clothes and other products that they want to sell at their shops or online. For example, you could buy a set of 3 Kenmore 385 sewing machines and have your own shop on the internet where you sell your own handmade clothing and other products. For those who are too short or too tall, there are also other models they can use.

Kenmore 385 Sewing Machines FAQs

Is Kenmore 385 a Good Sewing Machine?

When you make your sewing project, you need a sewing machine that can do the job. When you need to buy a new sewing machine, you will have to consider several things such as the number of stitches and its speed. You can check this site for more information about the Kenmore 385.

Kenmore 385 is a portable sewing machine that can do some pretty precise sewing (especially for professionals). A few years ago, I owned a Kenmore 385 and I used it quite often. So I decided to write this article because finding the best sewing machine is not easy.

I hope this article will help you to find the best one out there. But remember, not all of them are good and if you don’t know where to start, try this one first.

Who Makes Kenmore 385 Sewing Machine?

Kenmore 385 sewing machine is a popular machine of the past. It was invented in 1878, and it is still in production today. The machine has a classic design that makes it easy to use, and with the help of special software and boards, it can also be programmed to do other things like embroidery designs or even engage in music playing.

How does Kenmore 385 sewing machines work? The Kenmore 385 sewing machine uses an electric motor that can create vibrations when you sew with it. This vibration drives a needle through the fabric which makes it possible for you to make stitches along the whole length of your project.

How old is a Kenmore 385 Sewing Machine?

The Kenmore 385 sewing machine is in the top 5 most popular models in the world today. It has been around since 1928!

A Kenmore 385 sewing machine is a 60-year-old sewing machine that works just fine.

It’s fun to try and guess what will be the next thing in the line of technology. One company, however, is not afraid to go against convention and turn a Kenmore 385 into an AI writing assistant!

How Can You Set Up A Kenmore 385 Sewing Machine Model?

To set up your machine perfectly, make sure the power outlet is controlled from 110v to 120v while plugged in. Then, fine-tune your machine foot controls to help control sewing speed. Also, insert a spool rod to help keep the threads in place. Adjust the presser foot lever model according to your needs. Afterwards, insert the needle clamp making sure it is on the flat side away from you. After that, insert the bobbin case inside the shuttle and spool your thread at the end.

How Do I Oil My 385 Kenmore Sewing Machine?

First, you’ll need to unwrap the body parts of your sewing machine and pour 2 to 3 drops of oil into the various components that require greasing. Lastly, remove the excess oil and wait for a while for the penetrate before recovering the oil back.

How Can I Use My Kenmore 385 Sewing Machine?

Follow these simple steps to start using your Kenmore 385 model;

  1. Thread the first into the bobbin of your sewing machine.
  2. Adjust the fabric you want to sew accordingly
  3. Pull down your needle frame, securing the fabric tightly
  4. Begin the sewing process and enjoy the experience.


People don’t know what they have until it is lost! Not long ago, Kenmore 385 sewing machines were readily available, but there was little interest in sewers. Although many people are now searching for it, they are rare, although you can land on a second-hand machine.

If you still have it, take care of it, and let’s hope the Kenmore brand returns soon. But, even so, you can still get some of the remainder at a reasonable price; continue the search; It will be fruitful in the long run.

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