Singer 9960 Sewing Machine Review

If you have been sewing along with basic machine such as the Husqvarna, Toyota, and Bernette (their reviews), we bet you are happy with it because you know it gets the job done, until you upgrade to Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist machine.

At first, you would probably be skeptical about this computerized machine thinking it would be too much for you, especially if you are just starting sewing. However, when the machine arrives at your home, you do not want to wait one more minute to open it.

You read the manual carefully and find it to be an easy read for a machine with many features.

You wind the bobbin and thread the machine while reading the instructions on how to do so carefully (slightly different from your ‘basic’ machine where the spool sits on top). Once you set it all up with some black thread and a white dishtowel to practice on and slowly push down the pedal and – WOW!

You will exclaim, “WOW, it sews like a magic!” and the people will laugh at you.

Then you will go crazy trying out all its features that seems new to you, because you most likely had a very basic machine. You will be shocked at how smoothly and quietly the Singer 9960 machine runs. You will be amazed at how simple and useful its computerized features actually are!

Within few weeks, you will realize you have completed more sewing projects than you had ever done in your life. The Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist is a wonderful machine that will make you feel more like a professional, rather than a beginner.

If you were someone who always used sewing machines, or grew up doing sewing projects on your mom’s now-old machines, but have never really gotten into it, now with this computerized machine, you will always be excited for that next new project.

You will absolutely LOVE sewing with your new SINGER 9960 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine!

It’s true that there are tons of other machines out there that match with the features of the SINGER, and that this is not the only machine that can wow you, especially the beginners who are just upgrading from the most basic machine.

HOWEVER, if you are someone who is looking to invest in a smooth machine with more features, we highly recommend this machine. Moreover, if you are someone who does not need a fancy machine and is totally fine with just a basic one that gets the job done, think again!


Seven things we love about SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine:

  1. No more jam at all: – Not even once, even if have completed over tens of 100s of sewing project in the past few weeks.
  2. Self-cutting features lets you sew fast without wasting a lot of thread: – Just press a button and it will finish it off for you. The bobbin thread ends up just below the feed dog again, and you do not need to draw it up back – just start stitching and keep going.
  3. Massive number of decorative stitches that are creative, fun, and engaging: – This model has wide range of decorative stitches you can play with. Try sewing bicycles stitches on your kitchen towels, and if you have kids, have fun with flowers, letters, and hearts stitches.
  4. The self-threading needle tool makes sewing very easy: – If you are new to SINGER, despite having to learn threading and bobbin – winding and loading – after a few tries, these tasks becomes second nature and easy to you.
  5. The speed control feature keeps you always in control and in smooth motion, not letting you sew too fast or too slow.
  6. Comes up with number of accessories to get you started, includes number for feets.
  7. Programmable patterns are nice to play with and add that special touches on your projects.

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist: Our Verdict

If you are using a basic sewing machine that jams a lot, and you are thinking about upgrading to a new machine, SINGER 9960 is the machine to buy. A fantastic machine is going to upstage your old models. We also highly recommend using other SINGER products too.

After several months of using it, you will probably report that you love it just as you did on day one, if not more. You will also be more familiar with its features, setting up process, and sewing becomes even faster. You will love the speed at which you can start and finish your project.

In case if your Singer 9960 jams, do not panic. Just “re-thread” the machine. Avoid using thin and low quality fabric; otherwise, you will end up re-threading it a couple more times. Instead, use thick and standard threads.

In short, the Quantum Stylist by Singer is worth every penny! Go for it!

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