Janome 8077 Sewing Machine Reviews

Janome 8077 Review

One of the customer who is a verified purchaser of this machine says he learned to sew at the age of 5 and sewed in the Apparel sewing business for over 25 years. She has sewed for over 25 years and sewed on every machine she could lay her hands on.

Couple of years ago, she started her own small dog clothing business, and 3 years ago, she decided to invest in a new machine, after reading reviews about Berninas and how they were Swiss made, and invested over $1000 into the machine. But much to her disappointment, the machine did not live up to its reviews. She agress that Bernina can plough through almost all fabric types, but they fail to tell you something: you must buy a new pressure foot for all different fabrics, and the feet, as you know, are EXPENSIVE. To her dismay, she found out later that her machine was NOT Swiss made. It was Chinese product, which Bernina does not tell you! So after years of curing with the Bernina, she finally decided to try Janome!

From the time she turned it on, she was in love with this machine. The easy of threading, with both the needle and the bobbin, and the feeding of the fabric is just amazing, she says.

She sewed through the satin stretch knit, cotton, and leather with no adjustment whatsoever! It goes from thin fabric to thick with absolutely no problem at all. In fact, she shares, it sewed ¾’ of fabric swatch without a hitch!

Plus, the machine comes with a clear bobbin covering so that you no longer have to run out of bobbin thread any more with just inches to sew!

At this price, she could have bought 4 of these machine for the price she paid for the Bernina, she whines!

This machine is GREAT for the newbie sewers, that comes with an advanced sewer and 3 speed-settings! If you are looking for a friendly and basic quality machine, this is the machine to go for!

If you are an intermediate, and just getting into sewing business, and looking for a good machine to help sharpen you skills, without being overwhelming, this is the machine you should invest in!

It runs quiet and easy, simple to thread, clear instructions, and has enough different stitches, not to mention a buttonhole, for you to get started.

In addition, you will love the needle threader, and the fact that you can set the maximum speed, which is a treat especially when you are trying something new.

Another customer was looking to upgrade from a very basic, cheap, and big boxed sewing machine to escape the pain that all cheap machine brings. She asked to her sewing friends for recommendations of brand, and many of them suggested machines that were out of her budget range (unless she really purchased a basic machine), until one friend recommended her the Janome.

Before purchasing the product, she did a lot of research and found good reviews about this brand and the machine.

The great thing about this machine is that you are going to get a HIGH QUALITY sewing machine with tons of features for just under $300. If you has purchased other brands, you would be looking for brands that are at least => $400 and you would still get a basic machine. Using this machine for blind hemming, plain stitch sewing, and making ruffles with my ruffle foot, has been a breeze and incredibly easy. Hooking up ruffle foot was extremely easy and there’s “zero” issues (unlike last machine with this user who end up cursing the machine as it would never get the thing to work).

Here is what you will love about this machine:

  • Needle up/down button – Push this button and the machine will put the needle in the “down” position every time you stop sewing, which is a nice thing to have, no more moving fabric!
  • Auto-lock stitches on basic stitches – No worrying about back stitching anymore, the machine now auto sews a locking stitch at the beginning and you just have to hit the button to make it stop
  • The auto-needle threader works wonders!
  • Superior feed system – This machine does a great job at pulling various weights of fabric. You just have to guide and not pull/push like you may have with your last machine.
  • Thread cutter on machine is such a simple yet handy feature, which your last machine may not have.
  • Drop in bobbin comes with a clear cover which makes it easy to insert and you can actually see when you are about to run out of thread.
  • Sturdy and easy to carry around, runs incredibly quiet, makes every project a quick and easy task.
  • Let me tell you this. This machine has all the features that is enough for beginner and experts sewer alike and can handle almost all types of home/clothing décor projects you may handle.

Many consumers had Sears, Bernina, Wards, and Janome sewing machines, but most favorites had been the Janome. They are easy to use, runs quiet and smooth, and they make wonderful tight stitch. The Janome 8077 model is very nice too. Many people purchase it through Amazon as they get it new, used, and reconditioned machine there.

One of the customers was a grandma and she gave this machine as a gift to her 8-year-old granddaughter who has been learning sewing on it. She says her granddaughter loves the decorative stitches, the simplicity of operating it. She says she will buy Janome 8077 again.

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