Brother PC420 PRW Limited Edition Project Sewing Machine Review

The Brother PC-420 PRW Project Runway Limited Edition is a new product on a sewing machine market, but it’s already topped many ratings and has a significant number of positive reviews both from amateurs of sewing and professional tailors! This new computerized machine has all the options to cater to a sophisticated customer’s taste.

Brother PC420 PRW Limited Edition Project Sewing Machine Review

Brother PC420 PRW Limited Edition Project Sewing Machine Review

The Brother Sewing Machines Company has for a long time been a favorite on a global market, offering a wide range of devices of high quality and diverse functionality. And the new Brother PC-420 PRW Project Runway Limited Edition isn’t an exception.

Its compact and elegant design goes well with a modern built-in LSD panel. This allows not only to choose between approximately 300 stitches but also to add the new ones into the computer memory!

This wonderful option makes the machine a perfect choice for a designer or a creative user!

Just touch a button and your automatic house assistant will successfully fulfill your wish! After the stitching is over, the threads are cut from both ends automatically.

The width of the thread is controlled, as well as its length, which makes the process of sewing even easier! The twin needle system and a variety of buttonholes make the device a must-have for any designer!

The lights are installed over the bed as well as over the needle, so the machine is safe for your eyesight contrary to stereotypes! Just give it the tissue, choosing the necessary mode of the saved list, and enjoy a process of quick, neat, and thorough sewing!

This well-built machine operates practically soundless and is generally provided with numerous accessories like second pins, additional bobbins, and even small screwdrivers!

So what can be better: functionality, compatibility with a wide range of tissues and modern design combined are just for you – just use it!

  • quilting foot, twin needle function, walking foot and hardcover and included digital stitch length and width control
  • is provided with a step-by-step manual, which makes the operation process much easier
  • numerous needle positions and stitch selection
  • caters for both professionals and just newcomers in sewing
  • several alphabets for labels and monograms
  • some people aren’t satisfied with the range of alphabets


So you need proof of how it works? Just buy this number One computerized sewing machine and enjoy its exquisite stitching abilities and long-term operation life! If you really want to invest in a highly-reliable machine with a creative idea, buy Brother PC-420 PRW Project Runway Limited Edition, your dream sewing machine ever!

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