Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine To Buy 2020-Best Buying Guide Of 2020

The sewing machines are available in all homes, but what do you say about a quality sewing machine capable of performing the heavy-duty. There are several sewing machines available in the market but finding the right one is a really difficult & hectic job. 

On the average need of a house, heavy-duty sewing machines are not compulsory, but there are a lot of benefits tied by owning the best heavy duty sewing machine. You can easily work on all type of fabric ranges from typical fabric to the denim & leather. You can use these heavy-duty machines for quilting. Have a look at our top best sewing machine for quilting pick. Heavy-duty machines are super versatile, durable, & dependable.

Before finalizing your purchase, there are a lot of things to consider regarding the best heavy duty sewing machine, for instance, the fabric types that it can easily sew, the number of stitches per minute, flexibility, accessories, versatility, and above all durability. 

There is nothing wrong with saying that heavy duty sewing machines are built by keeping in mind the industrial usage that’s why they are different from normal household sewing machines in terms of features, sewing fabric types, and performance as well.

The most important thing to purchase heavy-duty sewing machine 202 is the number of stitches it can stitch in a minute because it can easily pass through thick & multi-layer fabric. 

While purchasing must look at the type of fabric that machine can handle because each machine can handle different types of fabrics. 

As compared to usual household sewing machines, the heavy-duty machines required less maintenance as it is heavier, made up of heavy metal. Above all, they are highly durable can easily stand for a long time.



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Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machines Reviews

Brother DZ2400 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Brother DZ2400

From the Designio series of Brother, one of the market-leading product is the Brother DZ2400! There are 6 Designio Series machines available in the market, and DZ2400 is the beginning model. From the facts and figures, it is quite evident that Brother Targets propelled clients with this sewing machine. The machine accompanies 185 implicit stitches, including 130 sewing and 55 alphanumeric stitches. There are eight 1-advance buttonholes on this machine. 

The massive table of the machine provides extra workspace & being electronic you will get a bundle of heavy-duty features like a needle threader, programmable needle up/down, top drop-in bobbin, sewing start/stop, and speed control slider. The top note of sewing speed can provide you 850 stitches in a minute which is the best & standard speed for heavy-duty machines. Brother DZ2400 has a propelled 7-point feed framework that guarantees smooth fabric feeding.

The LCD screen illuminates the workspace well, and you can without much of a stretch view the stitches design numbers, join settings, and the prescribed foot. The most extreme line width and length are 7mm and 5mm separately. The work zone is enlightened well by LED lights. The feature of this sewing machine is the frill bundle that accompanies. The machine can do free Arm and free-movement sewing & quilting also. Brother DZ2400 is genuinely convenient as it merely weighs 9.9 lbs. It has 25 years restricted guarantee.

  • Best Heavy Duty Machines.
  • High-Quality seams.
  • Light in weight.
  • Portable.
  • LCD Display Screen makes the work easier to select the right design.
  • Presser foot pressure.
  • Up & down needle positioner saves a lot of time.
  • The selection of stitches has never been so easy & straightforward before.
  • User-manual could be better.
  • In case of breakdown, the spare parts are expensive.


Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine 

Janome HD3000

If you are a beginner and looking for the best beginner heavy-duty machine that can be used at home and in the industry as well, then I must say that grab Janome HD3000 heavy duty sewing machine. With this machine, I assure you that you will not bear any pain in your eyes because it comes with an automatic needle threader that makes threading needle is super easy & frustration-free. 

As far as the bobbin changing is required, then I must say that it is also super easy. So mate no need to be worried about running off the edge because it is equipped with the jam-proof bobbin system.

The Janome HD3000 is offering 18 built-in stitches. All you need is to select the favourite Stitch & it will be available in front of your eyes. 

One of the crucial things you must consider as we mentioned earlier is the adjustable presser footer pressure & adjustable speed control. And luckily you will get both in HD3000. Feel free to sew shirts and pants by using the free arms. 

As far as accessories concerned, you will be happy to read that this machine comes along with the 

  • 2 packs of leather needles. 

  • Pack of universal needles. 

  • A hard case. 

  • Ultra glide foot. 

  • Buttonhole B foot. 

  • Rolled hem D foot. 

  • Overedge C foot.

  • Blind hem G foot. 

  • 1 Pack of bobbins. 

  • Others. 

All in all, you will get limited warranty card & user manual for the beginners. 

  • Built-in 18 different stitches.
  • The stitching speed is fully adjustable.
  • Automatic needle threading.
  • Free Sewing Accessories.

  • User-manual could be better.
  • In case of breakdown, the spare parts are expensive.


Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


Mate, are you looking for the best heavy duty sewing machine then here it is the singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing machine. I hope you are not new to the sewing world & must be familiar with the Singer. Well renowned manufacturer of the sewing machine! The singer 4452 sewing machine is not an exception. If you want the best heavy-duty workhorse without breaking your bank, then you must go with this Singer 4452 sewing machine model.

Overall it is very sturdy & solid as it is made up of metal frame & powerful motor. It is ready to meet all of your creative needs. 

Singer 4452 is offering 1100 stitches in a minute. Moreover, it is offering 32 built-in stitches & 1 step buttonhole. You can also adjust the width of the Stitch. Other features include

  • Top Loading bobbin. 

  • Free Arm for untouchable areas. 

  • Automatic needle threader.

  • Presser foot lifter with extra lift.

  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • Solid & Sturdy built.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Fast stitching speed.
  • Highly affordable price.
  • 1100 stitches per minute.
  • Extra accessories.
  • Best for the beginners.
  • Jams are experienced while working with thick materials.
  • No manual speed control
  • The pedal is sensitive.


Janome DC2013 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


If you are looking for the best heavy duty machine suitable for both domestic & industrial usage, then you can get better than Janome DC2013. This is one of the elite class, affordable, and highly durable sewing machine to buy in 2020. There is nothing wrong with saying that this is the ultimate choice for all. It is featuring a superior feed system that is capable of offering an unsurpassed quality of stitching. 

It is ranked among the top ten best heavy duty sewing machines. A big thanks to the computerized direct stitching functionality & memorized down & up needle position. You can easily select the Stitch with the help of buttons. The only drawback to this machine is that it is a 110-volt model that means it is only available to use in the USA. But there are converters available in the market that actually convert 110 into 220 volts. An ideal heavy-duty machine that you want to buy without breaking your bank. 

  • Equipped with the Superior Feed system.
  • Unmatched quality of stitching.
  • Memorized down & up needle stop position feature.
  • Computer stitch direct selection with the button.
  • Best to use in homes & industry.
  • Highly affordable.
  • It is highly recommended for beginners.
  • Operates at 110-Volts highly suitable for USA users.
  • Not good for the pro users.
  • Limited accessories.


Singer 7469Q Heavy Duty Sewing Machine With Quilting


Another model of the famous manufacturer of the market, the Singer 7469Q best heavy duty sewing machine is a portable computerized machine that is one the best as its names suggest. 

If you are looking at the feature enriched computerized quilting & sewing machine at highly affordable prices, then you must go with the Singer Confidence Quilter the Singer 7569Q. 

This incredible sewing machine comprises of 

  • 98 different stitches. 

  • 1 Step Buttonholes. 

  • Auto Needle threader. 

  • Drop-in Bobbin System. 

  • Many others. 

One of the essential facts about this product is that it can do both sewing & quilting. 

You can quickly get 4 different quilting feet & a massive table of quilting to work. The Up/Down programmable needle makes the quilting & applique super easy for everyone. Drop Feed is one of the best features if you want free-motion sewing. 

Overall the frame of the machine is very sturdy made up of solid metal so you won’t slip while working on the big quilt pattern or on big craft projects. 

The machine is best to use for heavy projects. It is specially designed for the USA & Canadian users. 

  • 98 different stitches.
  • Fully computerized & electronic.
  • Highly portable.
  • 1 Step Buttonholes.
  • Auto Needle threader.
  • Drop-in Bobbin System
  • Large quilting table.
  • 4 Quilting feet.
  • Perfect Drop Feed
  • The throat space is small. (3 inches)
  • For USA & Canadian users only.


Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 


If you are searching for the heavy-duty sewing machine with long time investment & low maintenance over the year, then I must say that Singer 4411 heavy duty sewing machine is an ideal solution for you. It is one of the top leading models of singers as best sewing machines for beginners 2020. In 2018 it was rewarded as the top best model of the Singer for beginners. 

The overall features of the Singer 4411 heavy duty sewing machines include

  • 11 built-in stitches. 

  • Automatic 4 step buttonhole. 

  • 1100 stitches in a minute. 

  • A lot more. 

  • As far as the accessories of this machine are concerned, it comes up with 

  • 4 presser feet. 

  • Screwdriver. 

  • Complete quilting guide for beginners. 

  • Instruction manual. 

  • Power cord. 

  • Foot control.

  • Soft-sided cover. 

  • Best for beginners.
  • Superfast machine.
  • Highly reliable & durable stitching quality.
  • Low or zero nice while working.
  • Light in weight.
  • Portable.
  • Stitch length & width is fully adjustable.
  • No automatic needle threading.
  • Not good for heavy projects.


Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Janome HD1000

Janome is one of the top brands of the market, offering a number of amazing & appealing sewing machines from domestic range to the heavy-duty industrial range. Janome HD1000 Best Heavy Duty machine is something above the quality. It is offering 14 built-in stitches, for instance, utility stitches & stretch stitches. It also comes up with the 4 step buttonhole. There is a lot more to offer the popular sewing machine. 

So, just like the other modern heavy duty sewing machines, the Janome HD1000 comes up with the automatic needle threader that means you have no need to take care of the pain in eyes. The needle will be threaded automatically without any hassle. Overall it is made up of aluminium that’s mean it will go with you for many years.

As far as the accessories of this model are concerned, it comes up with 

  • Bobbins.

  • Extra needles. 

  • Buttonhole foot. 

  • Seam ripper.

  • Buttonhole ripper. 

  • Hem guide. 

  • Zipper foot.

  • Hemmer’s foot. 

  • Softcover. 

  • It also comes along with the 

  • Free arms. 

  • Drops feed. 

  • Other motion applications. 

  • It comes a lot with a lot of accessories as a bonus.
  • A rich modern machine with several features.
  • Free motion Application.
  • Automatic needle threader.
  • 4 Built-in stitches.
  • Cast aluminium made.
  • Durable & reliable.
  • Best Heavy Duty machine to buy in 2020 of Janome Sewing Machines.
  • It could be better in terms of affordability.


Brother ST371 HD Heavy Duty Sewing Machine


If you are looking for a tough and strong heavy duty sewing machine, then I must recommend you to go with the Brother ST371HD. This model of Brother Sewing Machines is very similar to the CS6000i. If you need to work on high volume sewing projects, then this is the sewing machine you must grab. You can use it in homes as well as in the industry. 

With this extraordinary machine, you will be able to enjoy the top quality sewing. There is nothing wrong with saying that you can fully depend on it for heavy-duty work. The overall made & design of this machine makes it reliable and durable. With Brother ST371HD, you will enjoy the easy sewing & exciting experience of sewing. 

It can easily sew different fabrics like

  • Cotton. 

  • Silk. 

  • Denim. 

  • Leather. 

Brother also claims it one of the best heavy-duty machines for canvas. 

It is well equipped with the metal needle plate in order to provide extra security to the threading mechanism & to improve the thread speed. For long time stability, it also comes with the metal chassis & stitching at high speed. Above all, the machine is super easy to store & to move with the help of built-in handles. 

  • Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine.
  • Highly Affordable.
  • Durable, Stable, and very versatile.
  • Can sew cotton, silk, denim, & canvas.
  • Super easy to store & move.
  • Plastic casing.
  • Some of the components of the machine are plastic.
  • No automatic needle threader.


Singer 14T968DC Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Singer 14T968DC

Another best heavy duty sewing machine from singer 14T968DC with highly affordable price & features it offers. The singer 14T968DC is quite very versatile in stitching & dependable. It is offering a wide range of stitching styles & above all 5-4-3-2 stitching configuration. 

Singer 14T968DC comes along with a free pack of accessories. With this machine, you will get expert-level sewing tasks. It is highly customizable & comfortable! While testing this incredible machine, we always find it providing extraordinary cleaning work. 

Let’s have a close look at the features of Singer 14T968DC & accessories. These are the features that make this incredible machine outstanding & unique. 

  • Max Sewing’s switching speed is 1300 stitches per minute. 

  • 6 presser feet. 

  • Super easy threading diagram. 

  • Attachable Pocket

  • 9 extraordinary stitching selection. 

  • Foot pressure dial. 

  • CD & workbook. 

  • Auto self-adjustment. 

  • Stitch width adjustments. 

  • 25 years manufacturer limited warranty. 

The singer 14T968DC comes along with a wide range of accessories. Overall the accessories list is very long, but here we have mentioned the most commonly use & have high importance. 

  • Massive cutting table. 

  • Cover. 

  • A tool to insert needles. 

  • Link Brush Spool covers. 

  • Needle Wrench. 

  • Accessory box. 

  • Converter plate. 

  • Thread nets, 

  • Screwdrivers. 

  • Piping foot, gathering foot, guide foot, elastic foot, pearl foot, & blind hem foot. 

  • Twizzles. 

  • Pack of needles.

  • Coverstitch.
  • Low or zero noise & vibration.
  • 5-4-3-2 threading capabilities or stitching configuration.
  • The length & width of the Stitch is fully adjustable.
  • Highly versatile in nature.
  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • Can easily control thread tension automatically.
  • Not good for beginners.


Must Feature to Look in Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

At the start of the article, we have mentioned some of the essential features you must look at before finalizing any heavy-duty machines. Here we are going to enlist these must-have features in the top-quality heavy duty sewing machine. Let’s have a look at them one by one. 

  • Capable of sewing the multiple layer & thick fabrics. 

  • Must be capable of offering smooth operations & no or zero stitch skipping. 

  • Capable of delivering high-quality Stitch. 

  • For heavy-duty metal, constructions are highly recommended as compared to the plastic ones due to the durability factor. 

  • Must be super easy to use for beginners & intermediate users that willing to learn sewing. 

  • Must be equipped with a strong motor. 

  • Can sew thick fabric with no or zero needle breakings. 

  • Must be heavy enough in order to provide durability & stability but not to take off portability. 

  • Must be equipped with the automatic needle threader, automatic tension, & much more.

How Much The Price of A Heavy Duty Sewing Machine?

The price of the heavy-duty sewing machine totally depends upon your requirements, features you are looking for, and above all the specifications of the machine. But if we have to answer that question, then I must say that if you need something efficient, affordable, durable, and stable you have to keep in mind your budget between $300 to #1000. The more the features of the machine, the higher the price is.

Difference Between Heavy Duty Sewing Machine & Regular

There is a big difference between the heavy-duty sewing machine and regular sewing machines. There are a lot of things to consider. Heavy machines are usually for a long time running, harder sewing projects, adaptability, stability, and durability. 

The main difference between the heavy-duty & regular sewing machines is the number of stitches it can stitch in a minute. Being professional sewing, you will see the heavy-duty machines are highly capable of meeting all of your professional sewers. 

In terms of maintenance, heavy-duty sewing machines require less regular maintenance. But on the contrary, their spare parts are bit expensive, stronger, and made up of thick metal. Secondly, they are also heavy machines as compared to regular sewing machines.

How To Pick The Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine?

There are several products available in the market & choosing the right one could be a bit difficult & tricky. Here comes a short guide that depicts clearly “How to Pick Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machines 2020”.

Most of the sewing machines should be capable of at least 600 stitches in a minute that should be chosen with a single press of a button. 

Must considerable things totally depends upon what you are looking for, like buttonholes, zippers, facings, and topstitching. Some of the machines are also capable of doing quilting and embroidery.

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